Enterprise sales for AI NLP ML analytics cloud | Create new categories & value | Startup veteran

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Work with enterprise business executives, business analysts, end users in matrixed organizations.


In wealth management, capital markets, surveillance, compliance.


Create new categories, new use cases, new value -- and new playbooks, new GTM plans.


Ex: "This is a new frontier. No one has anything like this.” Global Head of Equity Trading, Premier Buy-side firm


Model compelling value as TCO/NPV/payback, contract conversion, testing, onboarding, cost reduction, predictable revenue uplift, margin growth, marketshare growth, risk mitigation.


Guide CTOs, CIOs, ML gurus, core engineers, product managers, cloud architects, devops, security, customer success teams.


Accelerate net new pipeline, increase new logo ACV, expand current logo CLV, reduce CAC, achieve 80+% win rates, shorten sales cycles by half, improve NPS. $20k “starter deal” in 24 days. $250k PoCs. Seven-figure enterprise deals. Grew Y/Y revenues 200+% at 5 sub-$50M startups.


Created financial vertical from 0 to $12M in 24 months, to IPO, to Oracle acquisition @ $387M.


Accelerated 2 IPOs, 6 acquisitions involving TIBCO, SeeBeyond, Oracle, ITRS, Carlyle Group.


Working with...



[25 minutes into first meeting]

"I haven't seen anything like this. I want to see this on traders’ desks in NY and London, and if that works, we will move forward."


-- Global Head of Equities Market Making, Tier 1 bank

"You've given me a lot to think about."


-- Global Head of Equity Trading, Buy-side firm

[10 minutes into first meeting]

"This is a new frontier. No one has anything like this. There is a competitive aspect.”


-- Global Head of Equity Trading, Buy-side firm

"This is what the business wants."


-- Global Head of Equities Market Making, Tier 1 bank



MiFIDII to growth

Transforming MiFIDII regulatory directives from monitoring to business positive at a Tier1 with 15,000 users.

Analyze ALL email and voice communications, in 9 languages, 24x7, in all asset classes, in regions.

Catch suspicious behavior early and proactively work with users to avoid bad behavior.

Proactive notifications for regulators, reducing audits: lower fines, fewer transactions impacted, lower reputational risk.

Apply AI and statistical approaches with NLP, avoid static lexicons.

Apply alerts/searches across asset classes and region.

Realtime PnL for an asset manager

Helped a 160-person alternative asset management firm move to real-time PnL, reduce execution risk.

Helped a startup prove how the asset manager could better with data and UI redesign – changing how executives, portfolio managers, traders, and back-office collaborate.

“Hello” to “let’s go!” in 8 days, first phase of development in 24 days.

Comprehensive voice surveillance

Transitioning energy wholesaler with 40 traders from manual, ad-hoc surveillance of 10% of trader voice calls to automated, 100% surveillance with the same compliance team of 5.

Evolve from static reports to real-time dashboards highlighting exceptions.

AI catches new words, goes beyond lexicons, simplifies maintenance by compliance staff.

AppStore for wealth management

Breaking silos at a Tier2 investment bank, bringing 1000 wealth advisors in NAM/EMEA closer to trade execution to provide differentiated service.

New look&feel for user navigation of apps from pre-trade through execution, pre-populate trade tickets from Outlook.

Client can offer an “AppStore for wealth management” with inhouse apps to 1000 external firms to grow revenues and marketshare.

Integrated with Bloomberg Terminal.



Voice assistant

"Siri" that retrieves information based on natural conversation, plus smarts about context, previous transactions, etc.


Extracts entities, retrieves across email/web/internal sources, ranks relevance across all users.


Embedded in workflow.


Goal: 2 second response.


I guided techies on focus, content, flow, response time. Used this demo in initial reachout to sales&trading heads, ops.

Real-time TCA

Measure and monitor slippage and trading costs, routing through custodians.


Deprioritize ECNs with poor execution.


Focused founder on job-to-be-done, show how "day in the life" looks to traders and managers in terms of risk.


In 20 minutes, global head of electronic trading stopped the initial meeting, asked for an immediate pilot leading to 6-figure ARR deal at a Tier1.


4th demo shows executions, stopping orders, algo performance.


I guided techies on UI design, flow, data sources.


Other projects

Pre-trade monitoring and alerting.


Provide a smart assistant for sales people around recommendations, questions to ask, products to offer.


Show transparency from real-time measurement of actual slippage and trading costs


Access dark pools and midpoint trading to save on the inside spread.


Monitor algos linked to a single-dealer platform to manage liquidity.


Show a liquidity scorecard, factor in routing to venues, slippage against benchmarks, other costs, such as routing away from primary custodian.



Debut 1LoD New York Conference

Implementing Holistic Surveillance Technology.

Panelist with BBVA and JPMorgan.

First Line of Defence.

April 17, 2018


"Making Real-Time Best Execution Monitoring a Reality."

TabbFORUM, January 27, 2016.

Conceived & produced video interview with founder/CTO and Terry Roche of the TabbGroup on the challenges of best ex and true real-time TCA

"3Forge Strikes Anvil at Real-Time TCA."

WatersTechnology. December 14, 2015.

Conceived, quoted with founder/CTO.