Changing finance with technology

Focusing on business needs and competitive pressures in wealth advisory, equities sales, trading & execution, real-time TCA, macro research, MiFIDII for equities research, compliance.


Working with C-level and global heads of business at Tier 1 banks, global investment banks, large and medium hedge funds, sell-side research firms.


As measurable, predictable impact around differentiated offerings, higher revenues per end customer, better customer support, improved productivity of staff, cost savings, more efficient sales.


For vendors, develop repeatable solutions that have doubled Y/Y revenues for several sub-$75M startups. Helped accelerate 2 IPOs and 5 acquisitions for Carlyle Group, Oracle, Thomson Reuters. Contact to contract.


In infrastructure: cloud migration and automation, change management/deployment/predictive monitoring of apps, real-time analytics, workflow automation, microservices.



Innovating with the business

[First meeting, 25 minutes in]

"I haven't seen anything like this. I want to see this on traders’ desks in NY and London, and if that works, we will move forward."

-- Global Head of Equities Market Making, Tier 1 bank


[First meeting, 10 minutes in]

"This is a new frontier. No one has anything like this. So there is a competitive aspect.”

-- Global Head of Equity Trading, Buy-side firm


“You've given me a lot to think about.”

-- Global Head of Equity Trading, Buy-side firm



"This is what the business wants."

-- Global Head of Equities Market Making, Tier 1 bank


Current use cases

Finding alpha

AI to filter events and news

Less volatility than other benchmarks

Find signals on bonds not covered by BBG (local news, fundamental micro)


Workflow platform

Go from brainstorming workflow to app in minutes

Real-time, sharable, auditable, trackable workflows

Integrate with chat, email, cloud, docs


Real-time TCA

Measure and monitor slippage and trading costs, routing through custodian

Deprioritize ECNs with poor execution

Access dark pools and midpoint trading to save on inside spread


Wealth mobile assistant

("AR for financial advisors")

Save at least an hour a day for each advisor (notes, CRM, emails, etc.)

Accurate transcripts

Speaker identification

Structured call summaries (followup calls, send research, involve other advisors, etc.)

Guide advisor on key topics, questions to ask, followup details (documents, etc.)

See all client communications & activity at a glance

Improve overall performance of team


Equities research

Turn MiFID II into opportunity for mid-tier independent research firms

Platfor for data modelling, data validation, custom micro economic analytics

Tiered distribution models to maximize revenues

What is read, who reads it, how often, how distributed