Providing value through the sales process

Providing value through the sales process


Especially for startups, where establishing credibility comes in small steps that build momentum to larger steps.


Earn confidence through competence.



Every email, presentation, action, document, response, should exceed expectations in the buyer's mind.


Each time, every time, all the time.


Across the sales team (AE, presales, CS, tech team, architecture documents, proposals).


The enterprise AE is an IC on his/her part, AND also Q/A across all these elements (at least in a startup!).



Break tasks into subtasks, discuss the goal for each subtask, and put DATES to each subtask. 

Plan the work.

Work the plan.


The AE works with teammates to define dates on intermediate checkpoints.



Eric in Engineering will produce a latency test plan, with 3 scenarios, in 10 days.


As the AE discusses this with Eric, they might agree on:


Day after tomorrow, Eric shares draft 1.0 of the plan with the AE, presales, etc. This de-risks by making sure everyone is on the same wavelength.


3 days later, Eric shares test results on the first scenario. The AE can see how the data are presented, the presales can give insight on how close this is to what the prospect needs, VP Engineering may have insights, etc.


Scenario 1 is revised as necessary.


2 days later, Eric shares revised test results on scenario 1, and results for scenario 2. This ensures consistency in testing, and presentation of the results.


2 days before due-date, Eric shares the "final" results and documentation. This gives him time to revise.