Sales is like chess

In enterprise deals, for repeatable use cases, I have templates of action plans (= just the prospect/seller interactions from an account plan).


From "hello" to "thank you" to "next steps after initial delivery" etc.


As a full plan, and also organized by buyer role (users, execs, compliance, security, etc.) with milestones, dates, dependencies (what we the sellers do, what you the prospect does).


I tweak the template into version 1.0 for a specific client, specific use case, after initial discovery.


And maintain it as an ongoing doc, along with presales, CS, etc.


Send in advance to each stakeholder, then sit individually with each stakeholder group and go through this, literally side-by-side, on paper. Let the stakeholder question, challenge, probe, on why, when, alternative actions. Let him/her write on the plan, circle.


We're literally "on the same side," the f2f aspects are amazing (it's easy to sense concern, hesitation without asking annoying questions constantly).