Realtime PnL for an asset manager

At a glance

Helped a 160-person alternative asset management firm move to real-time PnL and reduce execution risk.

Data and UI redesign across in-house apps – changing how executives, portfolio managers, traders, and back-office collaborate.

First product deal, and first US deal, for desktop integration vendor.

Hello” to “let’s go!” in 8 days, first phase of development in 24 days.

Move to agile delivery, with monthly drops of new functionality.

What I did

Initial scope and discovery calls, designed and orchestrated demos, presentations on use cases and overall approach to CTO and inhouse developers.

Defined technical KPIs for an 8-day proof-of-technology, daily check-ins, involving inhouse java and .NET apps. This helped drive new features, functional improvement, bug fixes.

Orchestrated all support and feature discussions with pre-sales and engineering team. 

Captured immediate commitment to include the platform – in 24 days from “hello.”

Flipped the sales engagement to defining must-have technical KPIs, got commitment on pricing and terms with CTO as a deal with opt-out, then managed proof-of-value.

Defined pricing and terms, managed contracts in parallel with proof-of-value.

Technical highlights

Enhanced desktop experience across inhouse .NET, html5, Angular, React development.

Bloomberg integration

Positioned against competitive products, which had been considered.

Detailed analytics on app usage, where users encounter challenges – in order to streamline ease-of-use, default settings, default dashboards

Deliver consistent UI and UX experiences across different inhouse apps

Show business significant technical integration in 6 weeks