Ad-hoc to comprehensive voice surveillance

What I did

I ran the sales process; designed tailored demo; did initial discovery; qualified pricing in second meeting; flipped sales approach to be commitment with opt-out.

Worked with Chief Compliance Officer, key compliance user, development manager, Chief Legal Officer, application architect, internal tech support.

At a glance

Transitioning energy wholesaler with 40 traders from manual, ad-hoc surveillance of 10% of trader voice calls to automated, 100% surveillance with the same compliance team of 5. 


Evolve from static reports to real-time dashboards highlighting exceptions.


AI catches new words, goes beyond lexicons, simplifies maintenance by compliance staff.

Demo sketch

I did the first discovery meeting myself, with compliance team and traders (no presales).

I created this sketch for a custom demo.

This is an internal document (not client-facing) to work with presales and product engineering to confirm functionality, timeframes.

Account plan