From MiFIDII to growth

What I did

I captured global business/compliance/IT requirements; refined product features; defined PoC plan; captured KPIs; ran sales process.

Worked with Global Head of Surveillance, MDs in compliance, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, cloud architecture, data governance.

At a glance

At Tier1 firm, 7-figure ARR solution for 150 internal analysts to monitor 15k sales&trading staff, 24x7, across all asset classes, in 9 languages, at 94% accuracy and no more than 5% false positives. Expand to 35k additional staff in middle and back office, wealth, asset management.

Transformational for compliance

Move from ad hoc monitoring based on hunches and many false positives, to 100% active voice surveillance. No additional compliance staff. System deploys NLP, ML and statistical techniques to detect and “learn” new language patterns, minimizing manual effort to maintain.

PnL impact

Flag customer support issues such as excessive silence in conversations, tone/cursing/repetition in support calls, gauge customer satisfaction from tone and recurring questions, gather performance metrics across traders and locations to suggest action (what’s working in London, can that help in New York?).


Equivalent accuracy across French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (ESP, ARG, MEX, GTM, CHL, COL, US), Cantonese, Mandarin, English (UK, AUS, CAN, US, IND, ZAF), Portugese (BR, PORT).

Respond to audit requests from a dashboard rather than scrambling to assemble documentation.