Use cases

Tier1 bank data architecture

Rearchitected data access from siloes for real-time trading, and market data.


No datawarehouses

One real-time global version of the truth

4-week PoC for 4 use cases

$500k ARR + services



Custodial and clearing service

Created for German bank.

Combined 3 earlier use cases + custom development.

Sold in 9 months to business executives one level below board.

Sold by reference.

No PoC.

$6.75M licenses + $350k services



Tier1 equities execution

Stopped equities trading revenue loss.

Worked with prime brokerage LoB and architects

Catch problems before clients notice

Eliminate cost to reacquire lost customers

Increase trade flow

Reduce customer churn

Better depth-of-book.


Sale: NPV, TCO, payback, IRR of new solution vs. incumbent.After 1 month PoC, a

dded custom development, training, installation services in NY, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore.

After 3 months, converted per use case license to $3.4M 3-year ELA.

Expanded to FX, OMS, networks, exchange connectivity, and SLA monitoring of carriers.